Improving Children’s Approach to Learning

As part of our Research and Innovation Programme we are exploring ways in which we can improve children’s approach to learning and sense of wellbeing through mindfulness practice and a Positive Approach Training. We currently have a number of practitioner research projects under way in some of our alliance schools. We are also running .b foundation training in order to prepare teachers to become mindfulness practitioners within their own schools. For more information, follow this link.

The following people are working with Inspire to help us to improve children’s approach to learning.

Faiy Rushton


Faiy worked as a drama teacher in secondary schools for many years before taking a break when she had her daughter. It was during that time that she became interested in wellbeing education and positive psychology and retrained.

She began teaching wellbeing classes at a secondary school in Northamptonshire to referral groups of students with a variety of emotional and behavioural needs and in the last year has been teaching mindfulness to Key Stage 4 mainstream groups,

Over the last six years Faiy's passion for wellbeing education has grown and she has gained training and qualifications in meditation teaching, relaxation techniques, positive psychology, EFT, emotional resiliency training and mindfulness teaching (specific programmes designed for young people and teachers - .b Mindfulness in Schools Project and Teach .b - an adult mindfulness programme designed specifically for teachers) to support the wellbeing work she does in school.

Faiy is keen to develop the practice of mindfulness in schools and now offers .b and Teach .b to other schools.

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Helen Pearce

helenpearce 1

SLE – Wellbeing and Paws b teacher

Two years ago Helen was introduced to Mindfulness and the Mindfulness in Schools Project through her wellbeing role at Hall Meadow Primary School.

Having witnessed first- hand the positive impact mindfulness practice can have on a child, both in terms of academic achievement and mental health / wellbeing needs, Helen decided to embark on the Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) training in 2014.

More recently she has attended the Paws b teaching training course and as a result is now able to teach mindfulness to all 7-11 year olds. Helen is currently teaching Paws b to a Year 4 cohort and I would relish the opportunity to share her knowledge, expertise and Paws b practice with you and the children in your schools.

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Caroline Hamblin


Caroline Hamblin trained as a professional psychotherapist in 2003. She is an experienced hypnotherapist and psychotherapist treating both children and adults with wide ranging generalised anxiety disorders as well as more specific ones such as self -harming, eating disorders, panic attacks, stress, phobias and depression.

She regularly receives referrals through the NHS as well as via other therapists countrywide. Her practice has become well known and is now available at clinics in Grantham Lincolnshire and at a large GP practice in Syston, Leicestershire. Caroline is also available for adult consultations in Northamptonshire.

As a member of The International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy, continuous professional development ensures awareness of up to date research in fields such as Personality Disorders, anxiety and stress, symptoms and conditions, the effect of Placebo, indicators of psychosis and the processing of ordinary memory versus traumatic memory and its effect upon the psyche ( and indeed impact upon the therapy).

Therefore the client’s needs and limitations are cautiously observed. Paramount is their overall care and suitability for therapy.

Caroline’s overall aim is to equip people with a feeling of control so that they can move forward with confidence and resilience.

For further information email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you to all of our colleagues for working alongside us at Inspire.

We have now closed our operations.

Our work continues under the ASK Education banner and we will be delighted to hear from you there.

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