Large numbers of children are affected by migration

UN statistics show that there are 72 million people classified as migrants living in Europe. The on-going influx has recently accelerated. In 2016 a further 1.3 million refugees and migrants arrived. In 2017 over 180,00 made the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean seeking refuge in Europe.

Abuse of Rights

The UNHCR reports that this ongoing situation has fuelled a rise in racism, xenophobia, gender-based violence and intolerance all of which promote the exclusion of children affected by migration from the education which is their entitlement.

Left behind children

The ICAM programme includes not only children affected by migration who have left their country of birth but also those born in Europe who suffer the consequences of separation from parents who are migrant workers. In Romania alone there are at least 350,000 children left behind by parents working abroad.

Long term effects of migration

Research into the long term effects of separation on children displaced during the Second World War shows that the disruption to their social and emotional development can have effects on wellbeing lasting for three generations.

Social and Emotional Learning benefits

There is strong evidence to show that investment in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and the creation of a safe and secure learning environment in schools is highly cost effective. By improving students’ life skills and their capacity to learn it brings major economic benefits to the whole society in terms of both productivity and reduced social welfare/criminal justice costs.

Unless the additional need for social and emotional learning of children affected by migration are met, there will be long term effects on their wellbeing and their ability to become fully integrated and contributory members of society.

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