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Building Resilience, Improving Outcomes

In partnership with the Local Authority, KCA Associates, Swan and Fairfields Teaching Schools, we are offering you free training to explore how to improve standards by meeting the needs of vulnerable learners.  This might include Looked After Pupils, migrant populations, children living in families with domestic or alcohol abuse or any other child who has suffered trauma and attachment difficulties at an early age.

Event Start Date TBC
Individual Price £100 per day
Venue Info
Location Venue to be Confirmed

Event runs over TWO days (Friday and Monday)

Participants must attend both sessions on: TBC


Training 2 School Leaders so that they are able to train all of your staff in attachment awareness. To secure provision for the most vulnerable of your pupils.

Suitable for: All staff including Head Teachers and Deputies, Subject Leaders support workers, Inclusion Leads, SEND.  The people training need to be confident enough to train other staff in your school.

All of our schools have pupils who have attachment difficulties.  The evidence categorically indicates that these children and young people significantly underachieve unless they receive support and intervention.  Children can experience attachment difficulties as a consequence of trauma which may be caused by: parental absence or unavailability, parental depression, domestic abuse, children affected by migration, alcoholism in the family or removal from the birth home as is the case for looked after children.  Some children with autism can also experience attachment difficulties. 


Event Start Date TBC
Event End Date Thu, 31 Dec 2099
Individual Price Free to Members
Venue Info
Location Sedgebrook Hall

Working in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, we would like to give you the opportunity to engage in the 20 week 'Abracadabra' improvement project for reading for year 1 pupils.  Developed over a 16 year period, this 20 week, low intensity but highly effective, intervention programme will not replace but can run along- side your usual reading programme.  Through access to free training for Teaching Assistants and 450 free digital or paper based resources,  pupils will improve their phonic knowledge, fluency and comprehension skills in a balanced way.     The project starts in September and runs until the Summer half term.  Trent University will undertake all assessment of pupils in relation to the project.  Schools can send as many staff as they wish to the one day training event, but must commit to at least two people if they wish to engage in this exciting opportunity.

The intervention works on the principle of 15 minute sessions for four days a week delivered by a Teaching Assistant (or another suitable member of staff) over a 20 week period.  Results in the past have indicated an improvement of, up to, 11 months progress.

To be considered for this project, please complete the form below and provide details of the Head Teacher and the contact details of one person who is likely to lead on the project.

Event Start Date TBC
Event End Date Thu, 31 Dec 2099
Individual Price Free to Members
Venue Info
Location Inspire Development Centre

Filling out Booking Forms


Please note that email addresses entered into booking requests must be the addresses of the attendees (not of the school head or bursar), to ensure that communication regarding confirmation, date change etc. is sent to the appropriate person. Only use the bursar/head address in reference to invoicing information.

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We offer two options to Alliance Members:

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