Teaching children to Pay Attention!

We often ask children to listen and to pay attention but how much teaching do we actually give them to help them to do this?

paying attentionThrough Inspire’s Research and Development programme, we have been exploring how mindfulness might be used to improve children’s attention and learning behaviours.

Mindfulness is about directing our attention to our experience with curiosity, kindness and acceptance.  It is training that helps people to respond skilfully to what is happening now.  This is particularly important for children in a classroom situation.

The benefits of mindfulness are clearly rooted in scientific inquiry.  Brain imaging studies demonstrate that mindfulness practice alters the structure and function of the brain.  These changes appear to be linked to improved concentration, the regulation of mood and the capacity to exercise control over personal responses.

As an extension of our research and development, we are offering Inspire teachers and learning support staff the opportunity to train in mindfulness practice through the .b (dot B) foundation course for teachers.   This is an eight week training course which will prepare primary staff to embark on the paws b mindfulness for children course.  Once qualified as a paws b practitioner, teachers can practice mindfulness within their own school from year three to year six.

mindfulnessThis training is suitable for teachers of year 3, 4, 5, or 6 classes or for teachers who work as Inclusion Managers, SENCOs who have responsibility for wellbeing across the school.  It is also suitable for Learning Support staff who are suitably experienced in working with primary school children. For further information about our Mindfulness Events, follow this link.


Thank you to all of our colleagues for working alongside us at Inspire.

We have now closed our operations.

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