‘P4C’, Philosophy for Children, is an exceptionally powerful tool for developing thinking. It is a collaborative, democratic activity that is of proven value in building self and mutual respect in participants as well as improving the level of their thinking.

The method is suitable for all KS and functions well across the curriculum. Recent Education Endowment Fund (EEF) findings confirm that attainment and behaviour are positively influenced by P4C and a greater improvement in less socially advantaged children than in others was measured.

This is what some pupils have said about P4C:

‘I feel I know the people in my group much better.’
‘I realise that I must respect what the others say. It’s much more worth listening to than I expected’
‘It makes your brain hurt!’
‘We don’t normally get chance to talk like this.’’
‘We can disagree with each other without having a row!’’

Inspire is pleased to offer a certificated Level 1 Foundation Course to staff in its member schools. This is a two-day, non-residential course, it focuses on the theory and practice of P4C and aims to provide delegates with sufficient understanding to facilitate philosophical enquiries with their own learners.

Our SAPERE Trainer, Pauline Purcell, has a proven track record of introducing P4C into schools and is a published writer of P4C Resources.

Some evaluation comments:-

‘Interesting, practical, and useful’‘I can’t wait to try it with my children’
‘I usually hate training days, this is the best I have ever been on.’
‘I need to raise the quality of questioning with my class; they are capable of so much more than I realised.’


Thank you to all of our colleagues for working alongside us at Inspire.

We have now closed our operations.

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