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Continuous Professional Development for Schools

What are the Values that underpin our Developing Practice Programmes?

Those of you who have been members for a while now will know that Inspire has been functioning since 2014, to develop communiites of practice to meet the social, emotional, cognitive and mental health needs of the children in our schools. Inspire recognises the necessity to shape our activity in response to the evolving needs of our alliance of schools. We continue to operate on the principles that we can all learn from each other. We create professional development programmes based on the understanding that staff teams prefer to advance practices that are effective within their own school. In support of this, our professional development opporunities tend to emphasise school based responses to children’s needs and encourage innovation and improvement which is contextually specific.

What does Alliance Membership offer?

  • Onsite standard reviews and audits to support teaching and learning, provision for vulnerable groups and safeguarding.
  • Specialist and National Leader support tailored to your schools needs; we will bid for additional support funding on your behalf should you need it.
  • Support with recruitment through our School Direct ITT Programme.
  • Regular safeguarding training linked to e-safety; Designated Lead; Prevent Duty etc.
  • Improving teaching through research and innovation programmes.
  • Governor training programmes.
  • Developing highly effective teaching programmes.
  • Leadership development opportuniites and support networks.
  • Subject and middle leadership development.
  • Learning conferences liked to alliance school priorities.
  • Support staff professional development.
  • Wellbeing provision for children and adults

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What are the professional development opportunities offered for this year?

We currently have wide range of schools within our alliance. Some are still working directly under the guidance of the Local Authority; others are part of a cluster of schools. Increasingly, Multi Academy Trusts are forming and we currently have a number of schools who are already part of a multi academy chain. In December 2016, the Inspire Multi Academy Trust (InMAT) was formed as an Academy Sponsor. The Teaching School will serve as the school improvement stand of this as well as continuing to provide professional development for all of our alliance schools. If you are interested in becoming part of the InMAT, please follow this link.

In recognition of changing profile of school organisations, Inspire now provides three service offers for members. The services listed are at no additional cost to membership.

The Inspire School Improvement Offer for the Multi-Academy Trust

A comprehensive service provided to all schools who are part of the InMAT

Inspire Community Plus Membership

Suitable for unattached schools, LA schools or Multi Academy Trust or Chains who wish to avail of Teaching and Learning Reviews/ safeguarding audit/pupil premium reviews and bespoke improvement programmes

Inspire Community Membership

Suitable for schools who already have strong audit and review systems in place and wish to enrich their professional development opportunities and school improvement programmes by engaging in collaborative activities across a wider network of schools.

To continue to develop our provision for schools, we rely on a membership investment for the purpose of school improvement. We also support our activities by bidding for additional funding and through a small grant provided by the National College. Our membership investment for this year is:



Community Plus Membership

Community Membership

MAT School Improvement Offer

Very Small

Less than 100 pupils



Arranged by contract between the Multi Academy Trust and the Teaching School

Small School




Medium School




Large School



A reduction of 10% on annual membership if clusters or an academy chains of four or more commit to membership for a two year period

What does this year’s professional development offer include?

All of the professional development opportunities are available to both ‘Community’ and ‘Community Plus’ members. The additional service marked with a * are only available to ‘Community Plus’ members or as part of an Improvement contract.

Development Priority - Safeguarding

  • A biannual full safeguarding audit to ensure compliance with statutory regulations,
  • site security, Designated Leader activity, child protection, effective monitoring etc.*
  • A follow up interim safeguarding audit to check response from audit and to update changes in legislation etc.*
  • E-safety training.
  • Prevent duty training.
  • Designated Lead new/refresher Safeguarding Training for one person annually
  • Governor safeguarding training.
  • Access to online support materials.
  • Additional training planned across the year in response to need.

Development Priority – Pupil and Staff Wellbeing

  • Support form Specialist Leaders to review your wellbeing provision for staff and to support your school development planning.*
  • Access to online resource.
  • Access to our programme to develop staff wellbeing in partnership with Public Health.
  • Resilience Training for Staff to help cope with work related stress.
  • Access to our mindfulness in schools based programmes, foundations in mindfulness and paws.b training at 20% reduction.
  • NEW – This year we are running behaviour for learning training for NQTs, RQT or those returning to teaching.

Check out the wellbeing section on our website: Wellbeing

Development Priority – Leadership

  • Community Challenge meetings to provide support with pertinent leadership issues and to provide a forum for professional discussion.
  • NEW – Deputy Head cluster meetings to provide peer support and a forum for additional training and shared practice.
  • Teacher as Leaders, a six phase course to enable leaders to move policy and practice forwards from research.
  • Priority access to our Leadership Pathways as part of our Teaching Schools
  • Partnership initiative through the Career Development Pathway.
  • On site and cluster governor training tailored to the needs of your school and access to support with reviews and audits.
  • Support from National Leaders, when required, to facilitate your school improvement priorities.
  • NEW – A programme for middle leaders to develop their capacity to improve outcomes across different subject areas.
  • Access to the RI Club – ‘Really Inspire Club’ to provide support for Leaders working in challenging circumstances.
  • Development opportunities for Head Teachers to participate in review processes as an opportunity to develop their practice. Please complete a ‘contribute your skills form’ by following this link: Teaching and Learning Team Reviews

Development Priority – Teaching and Learning

  • Our Teaching Champions Programme is offered to raise the quality of classroom practice.
  • Preparation for SATs for year 2 and year 6 teachers.
  • Assessment development workshops to improve strategies for formative assessment and to moderate standards
  • Two free places allocated for 3 conferences annually that aligns with the needs of alliance members.
  • NEW – Development workshops for year 6 teachers share effective practice to prepare pupils for national testing and transition.
  • Bespoke support from National Leaders to support leadership of teaching and learning*
  • Concept Challenge –Facilitated by NACE, an opportunity to engage in longitudinal professional development to evaluate and improve provision for higher ability pupils.
  • NEW - A development programme for middle leaders to develop their capacity to improve outcomes across different subject areas.
  • A 20% to train teachers in Philosophy for Children and access to a network of school who are already experienced in this approach.
  • NEW – In line with the most recent Ofsted focus, opportunities for your staff to develop teaching and learning in science.
  • Level 2 and level 3 apprenticeships in Teaching and Learning for Teaching Assistant and Leaning Support Staff.
  • NEW - Training in computing skills to help staff to teach the computing curriculum.
  • NEW – Thinking for writing project – A series of professional development sessions aimed at developing thinking skills, integrating grammar as part of the writing process and inspiring children to write.
  • The opportunity to visit three schools across the alliance to learn from the strengths in their practice.
  • NEW – Professional development for Leading and teaching mathematics.
  • 20% off any charged additional training.

Development Priority – Research and Development

  • We are currently engaged in a teaching school partnership project led by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate. The practice developed from this will be cascaded to your schools at a later date in support of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium.
  • Our Specialist Leaders are currently engaged in an Early Years research driven project. The knowledge that is developed from this will be cascaded across our alliance through training.
  • Inspire is currently co-leading the Attachment Aware training running across the County. As a development of this, we will be producing materials to train all staff which will be available to you.
  • Inspire is engaged in an International research project linked to development of training and resources to support the inclusion of migrant pupils. You will be offered no-cost training as an alliance member once the materials are completed.
  • We are working on a Teachers as Leaders Learning Behaviours
  • Project which your staff can engage in.
  • We will be offering global learning projects again this year to
  • support the development of the international curriculum.

Development Priority – Recruitment and Retention

  • Access to our salaried and unsalaried School Direct programme to train teachers in a way that is suitable to meet the needs of your learners.
  • Access to on line Curriculum Vitae documents for staff that have been trained by Inspire.
  • Professional development opportunities for skilled staff to become mentors, models of practice, Specialist Leaders, and trainers.
  • Counselling and stress management services.

Development Priority – New Developments planned

  • We aim to set up an apprenticeship for teaching programme.
  • On line evaluations for pupils to complete in preparations for reviews.
  • Increasing the number of Specialist and National leaders attached to the Teaching School. If you would like to contribute your skills please click to follow: National and Specialist Leaders and Mentors
  • Widening our expertise of Associates. If you would like to become an Associate, click to follow: Contribute Your Skills
  • Increased engagement of school in research and evidence based practice.
  • Increasing the range of professional development available for support staff.
  • Accreditation of some training programmes towards a Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning.
  • As part of the Northamptonshire TSP (Teaching School Partnership), we evolve programmes and opportunities all of the time. As a member of our alliance, we will bring these to you as they evolve.
  • Development of Teacher Mentoring with a view to increasing the number ofSpecialist Leaders that we have attached to the Teaching School.

Who delivers Inspire Services?

On our website you will find detailed information about the principles underpinning the Teaching Schools, our courses, booking information, and more information about our National Leaders, Specialist Leaders Associates and partner organisations. A brief overview follows:




Leadership Development and Support

Developing National Leader

Simon Blight

School to School Support

National Leader

Lorraine Cullen

Leadership Development

Developing National Leader

Jayne Clancy

School to School Support

National Leader

Ann Davey

Leadership Development

Local Leader

Sally Hansen

Leadership Development

Associate Local Leader

Chris Scanlon

Leadership Development

Developing National Leader

Paula Thomas

School to School Support

National Leader

Gaynor Yates

Leadership Development

Subject & Middle Leader Development

Specialist Leader

Karen Bailey


Specialist Leader

Dawn Childs

Mathematics and Assessment

Specialist Leader

Caroline Colledge

English and Curriculum

Specialist Leader

Sarah Dickens

Early Years

Specialist Leader

Catherine Jackson


Specialist Leader

Amanda Johnson

Pupil Premium

Specialist Leader

Lynne Johnston

Teaching & Wellbeing

Specialist Leader

Vicky Masters

Mathematics and Curriculum

Specialist Leader

Sarah Meeks

Curriculum & Assessment

Specialist Leader

Wendy Orton


Specialist Leader

Cathy Paramore


Specialist Leader

Helen Pearce


Specialist Leader

Sarah Powell

Assessment and SEN

Specialist Leader

Zoe Richards

English & Middle Leadership

Specialist Leader

Joanne Sanchez-Thompson


Special Mentor

Jennifer Theodore

Mentoring Teachers

Associates to Provide Specific Expertise


Steve Bowkett

Metacognition and Writing


Fiona Brice

Theraplay & Counselling


Gill Clarke

Review & Inspection


Chris Elliott

Marketing and Web Design


Caroline Hamblin

Stress reduction & Therapy


Paul Gradwell

IT Training & Development


Lesley Pollard

Safeguarding Training


Pauline Purcell

Philosophy for Children


Faiy Rushton

Mindfulness & Resilience


Chris Scanlon

Review & Leadership Support


Sue Tomalin

Reading, Writing and Spelling


Mary Tully

Training & Reviews


Jean Wilkins

Review and Appraisal

Partner Organisation to Deliver Aspects of Specialist Training

Partner Organisation



Partner Organisation

University of Northampton

ITT Programme Delivery

Partner Organisation


Provision for Able Pupils

Partner Organisation


Philosophy for Children


Thank you to all of our colleagues for working alongside us at Inspire.

We have now closed our operations.

Our work continues under the ASK Education banner and we will be delighted to hear from you there.

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